Help Your Family and Artworks

Did you know that 70 percent of people do not have a will? Well, at least not a will that they have prepared with their attorney. Are you surprised to learn that in fact, everyone has a will – either one that they have prepared or one that the state automatically provides at death. The state’s rules and regulations for distribution of assets without a will are inflexible and may not match your wishes.

Your family depends upon you to make the decisions that will carry out your wishes. Effective estate planning often can significantly increase what you do for them as well as the organizations that you care about such as Artworks. Please consider including the Artworks in your estate plan. We would be happy to discuss your ideas to help ensure that access to the arts for all continues to be available in our community. For additional information or to have a conversation about how you would like to help Artworks, please contact our Executive Director.