Donations of the following items will help Artworks continue to provide classes and programs that benefit our community. Thank you for your help and support. It is greatly appreciated!

Art and Craft Education

Stained glass tools and supplies

  • Soldering irons for stained glass
  • Glass breaking pliers
  • Glass cutters (pistol handle models)

Printmaking tools

  • 8 4″ hard rubber brayers for print making
  • 8 Linoleum cutter tools (assorted ends) for print making


  • Acrylic paint, full tubes: titanium white, Mars black, alizarin Crimson, hookers green, paynes gray
  • Canvases 16×20 20 pieces
  • 8″ x 10″ watercolor paper blocks, 140 lb. (10 blocks)

To donate education supplies, please contact our Director of Educational Programs. Thanks!.

Building Maintenance

Tools, Roofing, Mechanical and Plumbing

  • Replacement of the two HVAC units on top of AW 106 building. The heat exchangers on both units are failing. These units are about 30 years old. (When the units were inspected this fall, the heat exchangers were deemed shot and will not be good for 2016-17. THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE IN 2016.
  • The sump pump in the basement has had to be run manually for years. Need a plumber to fix this.
  • Can of roofing mastic for roof repairs
  • 6-Drill bit set (to minimum ¼”, preference to ½” drill bits)


  • Tools (e.g. pliers, screw drivers, portable electric drill)
  • We have two ceiling fans to install in the gift shop. Electrician needed.
  • 9 LED track lamps and three light holders (GU 10 type) to finish small track light jewelry case lighting.
  • .2-3 Leviton metering units so we can individually meter our tenant’s electricity. (Approx. $300/unit and approx. $300/installation by an electrician.)
  • Begin replacing current fluorescent fixtures in 104 with LED units.

Events and Cleaning

  • General party items: plastic wine glasses, napkins, paper towels and plates, plastic utensils, etc.
  • Three Gallons of Paint for the exhibit fiber boards (used for displaying artwork). Specifically chosen colors. Please ask.
  • Small shop vac
  • Commercial vacuum cleaner
  • 4’ commercial dust mop
  • Light-weight comfortable folding chairs
  • Folding chair caddy (dolly)

To donate building maintenance items, please contact our Executive Director. Thanks!